Hi! My name is Charles and I'm glad to see you on my website. My adventure with programming started few years ago when during my postgraduate studies some guy show me what is hidden behind a simple webpage. So I decided to enter to this weird world. I started to write simple programs in Java and later I started to discover Web programming. Currently, I am focused on programming in HTML, CSS , JAVA SCRIPT ,PHP and MySQL. I use a Bootstrap framework to make my websites fully responsive. My biggest advantage is curiosity that is why I am still interesting in learning new techniques and developing my skills. Many years I was a rower that is why I am also a sports fan. I became a “IT lover” since my sports scholarship in USA where I have studied Computer science. I am willing to cooperate in different projects and meet new challenges so do not hesitate to contact with me.

TEL : +(48)793 234 443
Email : charlesprograming@gmail.com

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